It all begins here.  Discovering your creativity and your creative voice.  We’re so passionate about this topic, it’s ridiculous.  You can listen to Episode 2 below…you’ll see what we mean. 


Everyone is creative

It’s true.  You are.  I know, but don’t try to tell us you are not.  We won’t believe you.  Whether you use it in a boardroom, in your parenting, with a paintbrush, or with problem solving…you are creative.

The Myths of creativity.

Without going into all the detail, we’ll say this.  They are real.  And they are monsters.  These are the little voices that whisper all the reasons why you cannot possibly be creative.  

Why not?

Just for the heck of it, give it a listen.  Try being open to the idea.  Maybe you, in fact, are creative.  Maybe you haven’t used it much yet, or if you’re like I was, maybe you haven’t realized it yet.  So why not? Be open to it.  See what happens.  I literally can’t wait.


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