Grow into a more CONFIDENT, INSPIRED, PRODUCTIVE creative entrepreneur

As is often the case, inspiration came from a smattering of gathered items, inadvertently collected together.

While Shaunna & I were developing the color palette for TCe’s website, we took note of the colors of the supplies, notebooks, and pouches spread over the glass table between us.  Pretty supplies are a bit of an obsession for both of us, so our messy table, set for brainstorming, was like a buffet of candy.  It was hard not to be influenced by the visual treat.

Shuanna picked up her slim leather wallet, a warm salmon color and proposed including that exact color in our palette. I suggested navy and a bold green, colors represented in my leather pencil pouch and Moleskine notebook.  And mustard yellow fell into place.

Given that we both sway towards neutral colors in decorating and design, this was a bold color palette for us, but it felt right.  This website, podcast, and our courses are all about creativity and it would be hard to express that with a site designed in shades of gray.

As we collected this palette in photographs and watched them come together in the design elements of our website, we knew we hit the nail on the head.  The visual delight of our supplies spread over the table came to life and it worked.