Grow into a more CONFIDENT, INSPIRED, PRODUCTIVE creative entrepreneur

Before we even had a proper name or a formulated idea for what The Creative Exponent would be (we called it “Marian & Shaunna Offering”), we knew it would involve courses.  That’s where it started.  We have both learned a lot in our 10+ years of being creative business owners and we wanted to share what we’ve learned as well as be an encouraging voice for those on the meandering path with us.

As we started to dig into the work, though, the ideas morphed and we realized we had more that we wanted to say outside of the confines of a course.  Yes, we wanted to teach, share, and encourage, but we also just wanted to talk.  Not chit-chat kind of talk, but really talk about the things that are the heart and soul of creativity.  We wanted to bring our own private conversations about originality, comparison, doubt, inspiration, and more to a public place where others could listen in and hopefully, eventually participate.  The answer was a podcast.

And, let me tell you, it’s stretching both of us!  We’ve had to learn the hardware, the software, sound editing, and get used to hearing the sound of our own voices.  We also have to settle into having a casual, real conversation while we’re 1,000 miles apart, face-to-face with only a large microphone and a pop filter.

But, we’re learning and we laugh through it.  And just three episodes in, we feel like this is going to be a core component of The Creative Exponent and certainly another outlet of expression in our own journeys.