Grow into a more CONFIDENT, INSPIRED, PRODUCTIVE creative entrepreneur

If you’ve listened to our podcast or followed Shaunna and me through the years on our blogs, you know that we both believe in continuing to learn and grow.  I don’t know about Shaunna, but I don’t have any plans to go back into the classroom, so books, podcasts, and online courses are my form self-guided continuing education.  I call it my “input.”

I focus on three main topics – decorating/design, art, and business, but I like any input that teaches me something or inspires me.

The more I read and learn, the more I want to read and learn.  I’ve experienced how much all of that input has helped me grow and improve in tangible ways.  That’s one reason why Shaunna and I wanted to create courses.  That’s actually how TCe started!  We wanted to encourage others and share what we’ve learned.  That idea ended up being a whole lot bigger than courses!

If you want to continue your education, these courses just might be great input for you.  Since September is back to school month, we are having a back to school sale as well as some new options to customize the courses to your needs and budget.

So, first of all, the full courses (Sharing Your Story & Establishing Your Brand Voice and Turning Your Creativity Into a Business) are 25% off with the code BACKTOSCHOOL during the month of September.  These courses are 14 days of videos, information, printables, and actionable to-dos.

We’ve also given you the option to buy one lesson at a time, so you can focus on specific topics, or bundle both of the courses together.

You can check out all the courses, including the Free Creative Exponent Course by clicking the image above…we hope you enjoy them and they are a gift in your continued education!