“Inspiration exists. But it has to find you working”

Pablo Picasso


Your creativity deserves a regular slot in your life.  Just like we schedule a doctor’s appointment and keep it on our calendars, so should we make and keep an appointment with our creativity. 

This week, we’re talking about how easily disposable our creative time can be, and how much of keeping up with our creative habits revolves around our belief that this time is valuable.  We hope to encourage you to find a way to fit creativity into your life.

And it looks different for everyone. 

This does not have to happen everyday, but it does need to happen, even in small increments. You need time to get lost in something, time to forget that dinner should already be on the table or you really should run a brush through your hair. 

You need soul time.

You not only can make an appointment with your creativity, you need to. We all do.


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