We are absolutely loving recording our podcasts for you guys.  I mean it.  Marian messaged me from her trip to say she missed recording, and I feel the same exact way.  We love talking about things we’re passionate about, things that matter, and things that can hopefully be a gift to ourselves and anyone that listens along.

However meaningful, recording a podcast has its funny moments for us each week….

The Real Hilarity of Recording a Podcast | The Creative Exponent

1. We both, especially me, take very deep breaths right before we begin recording an episode.  We find ourselves breathing very shallowly so that you’re not getting a ton of mouth breathing with your conversations.  I literally gasp for air when we’re finished with one.  Self imposed torture or something.

2. Oliver, my huge chocolate labradoodle is quite the problem.  There he is, right below.  He is like a beautiful, magical muppet dragon that gets into trouble as often as he is sitting there all pretty.  If I leave him downstairs, there’s a risk he barks so loudly at a passerby in the neighborhood.  If I bring him upstairs, you will definitely hear his click clacking claws on the hardwoods….which you have heard if you’ve listened closely.  Lose, lose.

The Real Hilarity of Recording a Podcast | The Creative Exponent

3.  I’m weird about doing intros and “announcements,” so each time we record Marian asks me if I want to lead off and I say nah, you go for it, but I’m so anxious to talk about whatever it is on our list that I jump in the middle of the intro sometimes.  Classy, Shaunna.

4. I record in my attic office.  The air is not working and if you sat next to me you would hear me sticking to the chair in the Alabama heat of an upstairs attic office.

The Real Hilarity of Recording a Podcast | The Creative Exponent

5.  If we’ve recorded a few in a row, which we tend to do, one of us inevitably yawns.  We face time while we record and talk, so then it starts a battle of the yawns that takes at least one full episode to shake.

6.  No one ever tells you how much you say the words, “uhm,” and “you know,” but we surely know now.

7.  Once we’ve recorded a few we get so giggly that we almost can’t make it.  If you ever hear us laughing for a long time at something said, and think to yourself, “okay guys, not that funny,” it is most certainly because we had a laughter meltdown right before recording.

We’ll share more behind the scenes moments from the Podcast with you, and hopefully some videos in the future…in the meantime, we launched a mini episode on the Podcast today!  We’re sharing our personal creative biographies, and it was so much fun and surprisingly meaningful.  Hope you enjoy it & do the exercise for yourselves!