The Creative Exponent | This Pedestrian Life | Creative Writing

Marian and I are launching mini-episodes on the podcast this week.  We go through our Creative Biographies, which is an exercise from the book, The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharpe.  It was funny and off the cuff and surprisingly deep, guys.  Some of the questions led me to talk about how my greatest goals and dreams are all around connection and using my words for good in this world.  That I’m deeply drawn to the human condition, to what we all experience, what we walk through, and how sometimes, we are completely overcome. And how sometimes, we completely overcome.

When I read these words by Shauna Niequest a few weeks ago…it hit me again.  That this pedestrian life is the most complex and intricate painting we will ever create.  This life that we live and observe is the greatest gift to ourselves and to our creative work.

This pedestrian life is the painting we are painting. The sculpture we will chisel.  The photograph we will develop.  And we are all in it together, whether we realize it or not.  We are crafting and building, just by awaking in the morning.

And in this knowing, let us create something meaningful.  Let us purposefully create joy.  Hope.  Compassion.  Love.  Empathy.  Life.

Let’s create life for ourselves and for each other as often as we can.

To this pedestrian life.