“Sometimes the greatest enemy of our present happiness is the past happiness that is too well remembered.”



Creative Exponent | Podcast | Is the Best of Your Past the Enemy of Your Present Good?

What happens we experience success as creatives?  Especially what we would individually consider “big success?” 

Success can be a catalyst for more success, but it can also, very subtly and unintentionally, create a set of unspoken expectations we place on ourselves and our creative work.  We totally get this and have both lived it.  

Today on the podcast, we talk about this reality, and share our own personal stories of how the best of our past has been the enemy of our present good. How those nagging questions can sneak up on us….”Maybe my best ideas are behind me.”  “Maybe I’ve done my best work.” “How can I possibly recreate that moment in time again and again and again?”  

We wanted to share how we have moved through and around these paralyzing doubts surrounding success or even periods of ease in our creative pursuits and business.  We can move around these blocks, if not through them entirely.  We believe you can, too. 


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