This week’s episode of The Creative Exponent welcomes its first guest, Artist, Author and Workshop Connoisseur, Jeanne Oliver.  Shaunna and Marian ask her questions surrounding her own creative journey, and find out what makes this creative entrepreneur and teacher tick.  Jeanne shares her first creative memories painting on the carpet as a child, protecting herself from her inner critic, and the impact of words spoken over us that can become a part of our own narrative that limits us.  She addresses us all, and leaves us with words of wisdom to start ameteur, to pursue what we feel drawn to, and to leave our mark on the world in our own unique way, through practicing, over and over again.   


You can find Jeanne at https://jeanneoliver.com where she sells her own original art, leads and facilitates loads of digital and physical creative workshops, and shares her own creative journey with her audience.  


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