Grow into a more CONFIDENT, INSPIRED, PRODUCTIVE creative entrepreneur

Observing and creativity go hand in hand.  There is such importance in slowing down and being observant.  This week Shaunna and Marian talk about how much harder this is due to all the digital distractions we have at our fingertips.  They still contend there is power in sitting on a bench to enjoy being outside, or to watch a couple walk through a park. To simply be.  We all need to just be able to sit, to breathe deeply, to be truly present. To revel in Intentional quiet.  
The gift of bring present brings is experiencing life, which breathes just that into your creative work: life. It gives us the chance to reside in a place of flow versus tension.  This practice will make a huge difference in the way we view the world and THAT makes a huge difference in the way we create art.  


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