We believe this to be true: creative work is beauty in the world.  We are living in crazy times right now, and there is much fear, anxiety, and uncertainty around us.  As creatives and creative business owners, how do we navigate through this fear and these circumstances?  We do not have all the answers, but we hope to talk through this with you this week, because we need each other.

Here’s what we do know:  the work we do matters, and it matters right now more than ever.  As fear and uncertainty surround us, we are able, in moments, and with respect, to bring beauty and light to those around us.  We are very seldom stopped by big, bold, neon signs flashing fear, but by subtle moments of doubt and insecurity that stem from fear. 

“I’m not nearly as good as she is”
“I can’t do that; I’ve never been good at that”
“It’s pushy for me to ask people to support my business right now in these circumstances.”

This week, we talk about facing this big fear and subtle fear, and why it matters for you to continue doing your creative work.  To share your unique perspective, to remember that it is the art we save, to offer reprieve, to bring light and beauty into the world.  We hope you leave bolstered and with the resolve to keep on going. To keep sharing your creative gifts in this world.