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So here we were.  Two women, early-thirties/ late-twenties, at a blogging conference.  An old school, pre-Pinterest blogging conference.  We both knew each other from the blogging community; we were some of the “furniture girls,” and at the time, there weren’t hundreds.  We introduced ourselves and after a little conversation, knew we used the same deodorant and the same toothpaste, and the way we saw our businesses just aligned.   

Fast forward a few years and hundreds of conversations later, and you would have found us speaking on stage together.  I think we knew then we would pursue something bigger together one day.  Other than that paintbrush we created together that one time.  We spoke on being genuine and authentic at a blogging conference, and we just seemed to come alive.  It was like we were having one of our normal conversations together, only this time there were a couple hundred people hanging out with us.

So here we are now.  We’ve both dabbled in many creative works, and have taken our businesses in many directions, and have continued to be business accountability partners, of sorts.  The work has led us to this place of passion within ourselves.  To do meaningful, creative work.  To create.  To allow ourselves to begin again, and again.  And to hold up high this idea that everyone is creative.  That you get to discover, uphold, and share your creativity in a way that brings you life and joy and beginning again…and again.  We’re honestly so honored that you are here, in this place with us.  That you are a Creative Exponent, just like us.



Marian is a paint enthusiast & natural encourager.  She is the epitome of a multi-passionate entrepreneur with a spiderweb of creative endeavors including writing, photography, design, fine art, furniture refinishing, and home décor.  She has a habit of turning every hobby into a business, which can be simultaneously amazing and a problem.   You can find Marian elsewhere on the internet by Googling Miss Mustard Seed.

Marian’s work has been featured in Country Living, In Her Studio, Women’s Day, Better Homes & Gardens, Romantic Homes, Farmhouse Style, Cottages & Bungalows, Fox News, NBC, CBS and on the Nate Berkus Show.



Marian is an absolute rock star, sort of a clean freak, and she’s my favorite source for books…no really, I don’t need an Amazon recommended list.  She’s going through them like wildfire.


7 (which explains a lot)



Shaunna West is a chronic creative dabbler, a mom of two, and creator of the lifestyle brand & blog, Perfectly Imperfect.  Her dabblings have included writing, photography, painting furniture, retail, design and decorating, and most recently, branding and business consulting.  Her creative efforts led her to places where she was able to apply her work in these areas to help other dabblers, and other creative entrepreneurs and businesses with their storytelling.  She has a tendency to plow forward into new endeavors like The Creative Exponent, and along the way, has also developed a soft spot for celebrating beauty in broken things and people. Now, more than ever, she doesn’t want your creativity to be one of those things that feels broken.  You can find her on Perfectly Imperfect and here at The Creative Exponent.  

Shaunna’s work has been featured on HGTV, The Nate Berkus Show, and in Country Living Magazine, Woman’s Day, Cottages and Bungalows,  Buzzfeed, Redbook, and Romantic Homes.  



Shaunna is a tripple-threat – endlessly creative, business savvy, and thoroughly southern (the accent, the expressions, and she’ll call you honey). 

She also has a nose for sniffing out amazing office supplies.  If you want the best pen, notebook, backpack, or pencil, you need to sneak into her studio and see what she’s using!  


2 (which explains a lot)