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Due to the electronic nature of our products and the fact that they cannot be “returned”, The Creative Exponent has a no refunds policy.

If you are dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason, you may cancel any future payments as long as you cancel at least 48 hours prior to the payment processing date. We cannot guarantee your cancellation request will be processed in time if it occurs within 48 hours of the billing date. The billing process is automated, but cancellations are processed manually. Thank you for understanding.

Please note, there will be no partial (or prorated) refunds on monthly payments. Cancellations will be effective once the cancellation request has processed. You will be unable to login to the membership area and will be removed from the Facebook group.

If you cancel and then decide to rejoin again at a later time, you will be reinstated at the current membership or one-on-one mentoring rate at the time of purchase, regardless of the amount you paid during your initial enrollment.