Grow into a more CONFIDENT, INSPIRED, PRODUCTIVE creative entrepreneur

Community & Mentoring for the Creative Entrepreneur

with Marian Parsons & Shaunna West

Our Clients Say

Mustard Seed Mentoring gave me the encouragement and is committed to helping me develop the necessary skill set to design, launch and grow a creative business. Marian strategically designs the one-on-one sessions to help you grow while providing manageable solutions and suggestions. The mentoring group is the best community of women I have ever been a part of. I love the Tuesday sessions and conversations on the “forum”.

Mustard Seed Mentoring group is really a community of compassionate people of all levels of entrepreneurship. Everyone here, no matter how big/small/new/been-there-done-that you are, contributes and learns. These people speak my love language. I am so grateful to experience it!

The Mustard Seed Mentoring group exposed me to like-minded souls who were willing to share challenges, advice, and celebrations. The one-on-one with Marian led me to assume less, ask more, and believe in myself. The group started a ripple effect that continues today. I have broadened my entrepreneur tribe, grown as a person, visited Italy with a few from the group, and found a purpose. The group breathed life into a gal that was struggling to find her new identity. Thanks for the gentle nudges!!

MMS mentoring gave me the encouragement and tools I needed to create a website, tackle photography, and start blogging. I also created an Instagram account, learned how to post on there and I now have over 100 followers. I love interacting with the creative members. The support and information are proving to be invaluable!!

 Grow into a more confident, inspired, productive creative entrepreneur

what type of experience is right for you?

    • Community-Be a Part of a thriving creative community with a gentle, supportive approach updated weekly!
    • Content-Full access to library of tips, worksheets, and videos
    • Collaboration-Promote Your Business, Products or Services once a week to fellow artists and creatives


    • Community – Be a Part of a thriving creative community with weekly LIVE sessions and an active forum to ask questions and connect.  
    • Content – Full access to the library of live mentoring videos, printables, and resources on top of the entire TCe Community course library.  
    • Collaboration – Participate in our coordinated events to grow your business and online following.  We host #followfriday on Instagram and are currently promoting each other through the #happymailmovement .




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