Grow into a more CONFIDENT, INSPIRED, PRODUCTIVE creative entrepreneur

Community & Mentoring for the Creative Entrepreneur

with Marian Parsons & Shaunna West

This month donating half of all profits to Save with Stories, a partnership of Save the Children and No Kid Hungry to keep brains and bellies full during the coronavirus outbreak.

Our Clients Say

Mustard Seed Mentoring gave me the encouragement and is committed to helping me develop the necessary skill set to design, launch and grow a creative business. Marian strategically designs the one-on-one sessions to help you grow while providing manageable solutions and suggestions. The mentoring group is the best community of women I have ever been a part of. I love the Tuesday sessions and conversations on the “forum”.

Mustard Seed Mentoring group is really a community of compassionate people of all levels of entrepreneurship. Everyone here, no matter how big/small/new/been-there-done-that you are, contributes and learns. These people speak my love language. I am so grateful to experience it!

The Mustard Seed Mentoring group exposed me to like-minded souls who were willing to share challenges, advice, and celebrations. The one-on-one with Marian led me to assume less, ask more, and believe in myself. The group started a ripple effect that continues today. I have broadened my entrepreneur tribe, grown as a person, visited Italy with a few from the group, and found a purpose. The group breathed life into a gal that was struggling to find her new identity. Thanks for the gentle nudges!!

MMS mentoring gave me the encouragement and tools I needed to create a website, tackle photography, and start blogging. I also created an Instagram account, learned how to post on there and I now have over 100 followers. I love interacting with the creative members. The support and information are proving to be invaluable!!

 Grow into a more confident, inspired, productive creative entrepreneur

what type of experience is right for you?

    • Community-Be a Part of a thriving creative community with a gentle, supportive approach updated weekly!
    • Content-Full access to library of tips, worksheets, and videos
    • Collaboration-Promote Your Business, Products or Services once a week to fellow artists and creatives


    • Community – Be a Part of a thriving creative community with weekly LIVE sessions and an active forum to ask questions and connect.  
    • Content – Full access to the library of live mentoring videos, printables, and resources on top of the entire TCe Community course library.  
    • Collaboration – Participate in our coordinated events to grow your business and online following.  We host #followfriday on Instagram and are currently promoting each other through the #happymailmovement .



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